The Bathroom

Attached to the kitchen is a secret door leading to the bathroom (which you might miss because of the bookshelf disguising the bathroom door). Both bathrooms are completely equipped. We even have scale to weigh your self, but that might not be a good idea…

The Bedroom

Relax in our bedroom found upstairs. Make yourself at home, get comfortable and dine in bed.

The Dining Room

A large set-up table ready at your convenience. You’ll dine with class in a not so typical looking living room.

The Patio

Order yourself an iced latte and sit in our in-door garden when the suns to strong outside. Here is the perfect place to take an insta-gram picture during golden hour as the sun pierces through the ceilings. Our patio is surrounded by greens so help you calm your mind.

The Office

Sneak into our office, enjoy our free wifi service and order yourself a meal.. The Architecture’s Office is designed focused, allowing guest to sketch their inspiration.

The Library

Upon entering the restaurant, you will notice our famous bookshelf covering the entire wall. The Junctions house library has now become the iconic masterpiece of our restaurant. It’s rainbow color book organization has become a viral Social Media picture.

The Tropical Salon

The colonial styled living room located in the first floor keeps all traveling mementos collected by the family ancestor, such as: animal trophies, African bowls, tropical artworks, handmade souvenirs, and books. The living room also styled with a tropical wallpaper attached, taking you into a wild adventurous journey.

The Kitchen

Inspired by a Parisian apartment kitchen, The Junction House make it possible for guests to have unique dining experience in eat-in kitchen just like in their own home. An array of glasses, plates, cutlery, jars of spices, cook books and dish cloths looks like somebody is preparing for your today’s breakfast, lunch or dinner.