A little story about the concept and inspiration behind our establishment

the inspiration
Timeless Haussmann Parisian House

We draw inspiration from the timeless Haussmann Parisian house. The elegant essence of French design is captured in our establishment, starting with the facade. Our building stands tall, showcasing the grandeur and sophistication that is synonymous with Parisian architecture.

the design
Ambiance that mirrors a real house

As you venture further, you’ll discover our thematic rooms, each offering a unique ambiance that allows you to dine just like you would in a real house. Choose from our selection of 8 thematic rooms, including the tropical salon, kitchen, library, office, dining room, bedroom, and lush indoor patio. Inspired by modern Parisian apartments, these rooms are thoughtfully designed down to the smallest detail, capturing the essence of a true modern Parisian house experience.

the cuisine
A sense of warmth, familiarity, and comfort

Our inspiration behind the concept of a house reflects in our culinary offerings. Drawing from a diverse range of culinary traditions, we offer a selection of dishes inspired by French, Asian, and International cuisines.

Our aim is to create a dining experience that feels like being welcomed into a cozy home, where you can savor flavors that bring you comfort and joy.